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Create A Green Office Space

Posted by Administrator on 8/9/2013

Create a Green Office Space


When we think of making environmentally friendly changes to our lives, we usually focus on our homes. However since we spend even more time in the workplace, why not strive to make it more eco-friendly and energy efficient? A few simple changes can make a world of difference:-


Green Your Commute

For many people the work day begins by driving to the office. Knowing that vehicles emit carbon dioxide gases which contribute to global warming, perhaps you can forgo the car for a couple days:-

·       Take public transportation

·       Ride a bike or even walk, if it’s close enough

·       Join a ride share group

·       Invest in a green car, hybrid or electric


Lower Energy Consumption

It is estimated that we waste over $1 billion in electricity each year just in computer use. So let’s start to save energy today. To start we can:-

·       Turn off and unplug electronic devices if you’ll be gone for a while

·       Switch to energy saving settings

·       Invest in an energy-saving computer, monitor and printer

·       Switch to LED lightbulbs

·       Monitor the office temperature

·       Properly dispose of electronics


Go Paperless …

·       Avoid unnecessary printouts by keeping copies of important documents on the computer or backed up in a safety drive

·       Have your check directly deposited to the bank

·       Send company updates, info via email instead of the cherished hard copy memo

·       Use email and electronic calendars

·       Sign up for paperless statements and pay bills online



…or Make Green Paper Choices

·       Print on both sides of the page

·       Shred old sheets of paper to create instant packaging material

·       Reuse old shipping boxes

·       Buy recycled and chlorine free paper, or try paper made from bamboo, banana, cotton, etc.


 Recycle, recycle

There are so many items in an office that can be recycled. If the workplace doesn’t have a recycling station, by all means start one, using a few bins and some clear guidelines. Items which can be recycled include:-

·       Copy paper, envelopes, magazines, note paper, etc

·       Shipping boxes

·       Ink cartridges

·       Plastic bags

·       Aluminum foil


Clean Green

The quality of the air inside is as important as the air outside. Use eco-friendly cleaning supplies and maintain a healthier air-flow:-

·       Use air-purifiers to get rid of contaminants

·       DO NOT SMOKE in or near the office

·       Try opening windows to increase air flow

·       Use non-toxic cleaning products


Green at Mealtime

There are healthy tips to ensure your lunch and break times are eco-friendly as well:-

·       Select reusable lunch bags or boxes, bottles and utensils

·       Use washable napkins instead of paper towels

·       Switch to organic and local food and drinks


Share the Green Gospel

Get others at work involved in making the office space more eco-friendly. Check out organisations such as EarthShare for interesting ways that companies can become involved in green activities. Some ideas include:-

·       Buying eco-friendly office products

·       Purchasing company carbon credits

·       Helping to develop the workplace recycling program

·       Encourage staff to pack lunches which all can share

·       Buy plants for your co-workers, not only will this enhance camaraderie, plants increase the flow of oxygen and generally make any space more appealing


So now you’re on your way to making a decidedly green impact on your office environment. By leading this drive you can enhance not just the physical work space, but also the psychological wellbeing of those who inhabit it. Good luck on your green journey!





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