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Creative Ways to Reuse an Organic Gift Basket

Posted by Joe P. on 11/25/2013
Organic gift baskets full of eco-friendly treats are welcome gifts that you proudly display until you have consumed or used all of the contents. When the basket is empty, however, it is time to repurpose the basket into a functional or decorative piece for use inside or outside of your home.

Fill your empty organic gift basket with your children's or dog's toys. If you do not have kids or pets, roll your guest bath towels or hand towels in the basket to make a unique, attractive bathroom decorative storage arrangement. If the basket is small enough to fit on a kitchen countertop, stack spices and herbs, snacks, vitamins, or prescription or over-the-counter medications within it to create a handy, mobile storage unit. Empty organic gift baskets are also useful for storing baby items, emergency weather preparations, scrapbooking supplies and men's ties.

Your organic gift basket is also handy to reuse outside of your home. Are you an avid gardener? Fill the basket with your gardening tools, or use it to transport your grown herbs and flowers indoors. Create an outdoor planter that you use to house multiple herbs or small plants or flowers. Be aware that some gift baskets are not weatherproof and should be protected from the elements.

Let your organic gift basket inspire you to create another personalized gift collection for your co-worker, friend or family member. Fill the basket with attractive and useful items such as bath salts, candles, chocolates, artisan cheeses, gourmet crackers or books. Wrap the filled basket in an organic covering, such as untreated linen, that the recipient can use as a picnic blanket or alternative art canvas.
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