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Giving Gifts At Work: A Delicate Balance

Posted by Administrator on 12/27/2013 to Green Gift of Health
If you are tempted by corporate organic gift baskets as a prime idea for your office's presents this holiday season, you are not alone. Gift giving around the holidays is often matched with stress and pressure to select the right present, however. You may need to purchase a "Stress Be Gone" basket just for yourself. Simple strategies make gift giving easier than ever this year.

A Group Gift

After you select a corporate gift basket, place it on a common table for everyone to peruse. Ask everyone to choose one item each that they enjoy. If you have a large group at the office, purchase several different gift baskets to cover everyone. The ladies may appreciate some of the lotions while the men opt for the luxurious espresso. This giving strategy allows everyone to choose something they like rather than keeping you guessing.

Secret Santa

At the beginning of December, put everyone's name in a hat and ask them to pull one name. Instead of purchasing gifts for everyone in the office, you simply become one person's secret Santa Claus. Slowly find out about that person's likes and dislikes and go online to find the best organic gift basket. You can get ideas from before you decide on a selection.

The Individual Gift

If you have a small office of less than five people, it is customary to buy individual presents. If you are on a limited budget, you can always cook a special treat for everyone, including fudge or cookies. Talk to your co-workers and see what their gift giving plans include. If they have limited budgets too, a potluck may be a smart way to pool the money.

Ask everyone to bring a food item one day and contribute to an organic gift basket for everyone to share. From tea to incense, there is bound to be a treasured gift for each individual.

Allow Swapping

If a co-worker does not like their gift, either individually or from a gift basket, allow swapping between people. Similar to bartering, each person looks over the other gifts and decides which one is better suited to their tastes. They can negotiate over the swap to make everyone happy about their gifts.

Gift giving is much easier when you have organic gift baskets to please the office crowd. Each basket is designed with a certain clientele in mind. Try to match the gifts to your industry. If you work in a garden nursery, for example, a gardening organic gift basket may be a better choice compared to a spa basket. Offering several gifts in a decorative basket brightens any work day. Share some of the items and feel relaxed for the holiday season.
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