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Green Tips To Get The New Year Going!

Posted by Administrator on 1/21/2014

Happy New Year to all of you!


A new year is a time for recommitting to cherished goals, such as incorporating more earth-friendly practices into your life. Here are some quick and easy tips for getting started on a greener path in 2014!


Turn down your thermostat. Using less energy reduces both carbon emissions and your energy bill. Just turn it down in the winter and put on more clothing. In the summer keep your AC unit on a temperature you can withstand without completely over-heating.


Reusable Bags. Some stores take a certain amount off your bill for each reusable bag you bring, e.g. CVS, Whole Foods, Target. Depending on where you live, bringing a bag can also save you money because some places, like Washington, DC, charge you for plastic bags in order to reduce plastic bag consumption.


Recycle household items. There are many things that we purchase that have multiple uses way beyond their original purpose. Save plastic containers and reuse them instead of buying plastic storage ware. In addition, research food products that can be used as components for other things, e.g. beauty products, toiletries, household cleaners, and more.


Recycle. Most neighborhoods make it part of the trash fee anyway, so recycling doesn’t have to cost any additional money. Even if you live somewhere where a recycling company does not normally visit, ask local stores if you can use their recycle dumpsters.


Start Composting. Use food scraps, coffee grounds, paper towels, grass clippings and leaves to start a compost heap. It is easy, cuts down on trash and can provide enough nutrients to your garden so you don’t have to buy fertilizer or topsoil.


Install a rain barrel. Sometimes there are programs that give out free rain barrels that are easy to install, which can reduce your storm water runoff. Large amounts of contaminants from air pollution accumulate on your roof and then wash down during a rainstorm. With rain barrels, you can help clean local watersheds and the water collected can be used to water your plants, saving money on the water bill.


Buy a reusable BPA-free water bottle. Buying bottled water can add up in costs and contribute to plastic consumption and waste. Most of the time bottled water is not much better than the water that comes out of your faucet.


Switch to Energy Star Appliances. If it is time to get a new appliance, buy one that is Energy Star certified. This can save you energy costs in the long run.


Don’t overload your car. Keeping heavy items in your car can add weight, using more gas, causing more wear and tear on your engine and reducing its efficiency.


Walk or bike whenever possible. This year commit to using your car less frequently. Walking or biking are excellent ways to reduce pressure on the environment and at the same time improve your overall health and wellbeing.
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