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Health Benefits of Organic Tea

Posted by Tanya Carr on 10/21/2013 to Green Gift of Health
TeaOrganic tea is made from tea plants that are grown in natural soil without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. This is typically accomplished through the use of interplanting, crop rotation and composting. Like other organic foods, the tea is richer in nutrients and contains less of the harmful chemicals prevalent in conventionally produced foods. These organic teas offer health benefits to both farmers and consumers.

Most studies on the health benefits of tea have been conducted on black and green teas. Some of the benefits of detected include the promotion of healthy gums, inhibition of bacteria and viruses, improved digestion, and anti-oxidation in your liver and brain. Research also links tea to reduced blood pressure, improved mental acuity, lower blood cholesterol, reduced risk of stroke and heart attack, lower risk of certain cancers, and protection against Type 2 diabetes.

Antioxidants are perhaps the most well-known health benefit linked with tea. They slow or prevent cell damage caused by exposure to oxygen and free radicals. Green tea studies at Pace University's Dyson College of Arts & Sciences have found that these benefits are even more prevalent in white tea.

Clearly, there are many health benefits associated with drinking tea. Organic tea heightens these benefits by removing the less healthy aspects of food growth and emphasizing those positive benefits. These benefits are also enjoyed by the farmers because they are not exposed to harmful chemicals and pesticides in the growth of the tea leaves.

Tea is second only to water as the most popular beverage worldwide. Combine this popularity with its associated health benefits, and organic tea is an obvious choice for a gift. Companies like Eco Chic Organic Gift Baskets offer selections of organic products promoting a healthy environment and healthy consumers. This is a fashionable way to share the healthy benefits offered by organic tea with others.
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